Thermostatic box V 50L

  • intended for use in glovebox
  • material stainless steel AISI 316L/Ti
  • polished surface - mirror quality, Ra < 0.1 µm
  • water heating circulating unit, jacket with channels
  • maximum temperature 90°C
  • working pressure -1 to 0 barg (pressure in glovebox, door is not sealed)
  • GMP compatible - no dead spots, rounded edges = cleaning friendly
  • borosilicate glass door, closed position holded by neodymium magnets

Investor: Contipro a.s., Dolní Dobrouč, subcontract with BLOCK a.s.

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Autoclave ADMAS II

  • allowable pressure -1 to 20 bar(g)
  • maximum temperature 220°C
  • volume 275 L
  • wetted material DIN WNr. 1.4571
  • heating jacket (oil, 5 bar, 1.4301)
  • circulatory thermostatic unit and pump

Investor: Vysoké učení technické VUT, Brno

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Filter-dryer 5 bar

  • allowable pressure -1 až 5 bar(g)
  • working temperature 130°C
  • volume 100 L
  • wetted material AISI 316L
  • internal surface grinded Ra<0,6, no dead spots
  • heating jacket
  • filtering area ø450 mm
  • 2,2kW drive with frequency converter (stirrer speed 15 to 50 min-1)
  • double mechanic sealing with barrier fluid allowing axial movement
  • hydraulic axial movement of stirrer (200 mm)
  • hydraulic lifting of filtering bottom
  • CIP cleaning system
  • push out branch DN100 with manual opening and internal CIP cleaning system
  • dust filter with pneumatic shaking
  • external circulation of medium through high shear inline dispersing machine Dispax
  • external 150 L CIP vessel
  • water circulatory thermostatic unit, 90°C, heated by steam, cooled by water
  • Ex version (ATEX II 3/1 G IIB T3/T4)

Investor: Contipro a.s., Dolní Dobrouč

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Liquid and gel germicides manufacture

  • čerpání vstupních surovin, jejich mísení, výroba tekutých a gelových dezinfekčních prostředků, jejich následné plnění a balení do nádob různých objemů
  • mixer A01, volume 2m3, 4kW drive, jacketed
  • mixer A02, volume 2m3, 4kW drive
  • mixer A03, volume 4m3, 7,5kW drive, jacketed
  • mixer A04, volume 4m3, 7,5kW drive
  • mixer tank H01, volume 13m3, mícháno čerpadlem
  • tank H02, volume 340 L
  • tank for demineralized water H03, volume 3m3
  • thermostatic unit (heated by steam, cooled by brine, heat transfer medium - water)
  • accesories of production line from subcontractors: mixer of premixes, demin plant, 3x filling line, wrapping machine etc.

Investor: Farmak a.s., Olomouc

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Autoclave 0,5 L, 150bar, C22 + 316

  • 2 pcs of same autoclave, 1 pc from stainless steel AISI 316, 1 pc from Hastelloy C22
  • volume 550 ml
  • maximum allowable pressure 182 bar(g)
  • maximum allowable temperature 220°C
  • cooling jacket (cooled by water)
  • heated by electric heater 1 kW attached on cylindrical shell
  • anchor stirrer, variable speed 0-1200 min-1
  • magnetic coupling Büchi bmd300 (max. 3Nm)
  • elektrodrive with variator, belt gear
  • fixed top lid, lifting of vessel (manualy drived by hand crank)

Investor: Ústav fyzikální chemie J. Heyrovského AVČR, Praha

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Veterinary preparation manufacture

  • powdery veterinary drugs, remedies and supplements production
  • conical 200L mixer with spiral stirrer
  • device for drum discharge to mixers
  • worm conveyors
  • horizontal homogenizator, weighers and packing machines from subcontractors
  • Ex version

Investor: Univit s.r.o., Uničov

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Hydrogenation autoclave 50L

  • allowable pressure -1 to 12 bar(g)
  • maximum temperature 140°C
  • volume 59 L
  • wetted material DIN WNr. 1.4571
  • heating jacket (oil, 3 bar, 1.4301)
  • double mechanic sealing Eagle Burgmann
  • 3-bladed hydrogenation stirrer
  • 1,5 kW electric drive with frequency converter

Investor: G.M. Project s.r.o., Opava

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Laboratory autoclave 3 L, 25 bar

  • alowable pressure -1 až 25 bar(g)
  • maximum temperature 250°C
  • max. volume 4 L
  • wetted material DIN WNr. 1.4571, other 1.4301
  • heated by electric heater (1 kW) attached on cylindrical shell
  • easy-tightening of main flange by chain clamp
  • magnetic coupling Büchi bmd300 (max. 3Nm)
  • 3 types of replaceable stirrers - 2-blade, 3-blade and turbine
  • elektrodrive with variator, belt gear
  • fixed top lid, lifting of vessel (manualy drived by hand crank)
  • trolley for vessel with option of tipping for easy pouring out

Investor: Diamo, státní podnik

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Barrel lifter & tilter for Ex

  • intended for transport, lifting and tilting (pouring of) of standard steel 200L drums
  • lift 1500 mm, lead screw, electric drive 1,1kW
  • hand-operated tilting of drum 360° (helical worm gear unit, hand crank)
  • hand-operated gripping of drums
  • Ex version

Investor: STS Hostivice s.r.o.

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